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"Bean Baguette" is, believe it or not, a pseudonym—my name is Anna Lark, an illustrator and designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have a degree in linguistics and minored in ESL education, earning my TESOL certificate through an internship with Brigham Young University’s English Language Center.

For two years I taught English to pre-school, elementary, and middle school students in rural Hokkaido, where I rediscovered my love of art through making classroom materials for my schools.

Since returning home, I’ve been putting all my focus into pursuing art as a career. At the end of 2016 I launched an art stream on and in early 2017 I opened a Patreon. Since then I’ve been freelancing illustration and logo design, supported by my fans and patrons.

I occasionally table at artist alleys at conventions between California and Utah. In the future I hope to re-launch my online store and illustrate short stories.

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You can find me on other social networks, including Twitter, Tumblr, & Instagram @thebeanbaguette, and if you'd like to support thebeanbaguette studios in the long term, check out my Patreon


I’ve been drawing since I can remember, and my earliest projects were scribbed stories without words that I’d staple together into books for my family. I basically drew all the time, on anything, with anything, and throughout my school career I got in trouble for drawing during class, or on homework, or tests.

While I took art classes in middle & high school (including an AP Art class which consisted of a national portfolio review), in college I only took GE foundational art courses and I am primarily self-taught. I’ve been seriously studying and making art professionally for the past 2 years. Among the books I’d recommend are Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards, Color and Light by James Gurney, and Drawing People by Barbara Bradley.

How long
have you been drawing?

On my main setup I use Photoshop CC or Clip Studio Paint on a Cintiq Pro 24.

For the past year most of my artwork was made on a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9” with an Apple Pencil in Procreate, occasionally CSP. I used to get asked this all the time so—I use an iCarez matte screen protector for a softer feel and I use a variety of rubber grips for the Pencil since having a really bad bout of tendinitis, and a grip forces me to hold pencils more gently.

What program do you use?

In Procreate, I primarily use Max Ulichney’s MaxPack brushes, Lisa Bardot’s Pencil Box and Goache Box, and a few favorites of Procreate’s default brushes.

In Photoshop I use a huge selection of Kyle T. Webster’s brushes which are now available solely through Photoshop CC. I also use Derrick Barth’s Brush Box to organize my tools, and Coolorus as an improved color picker.

What brushes do you use?

Yes—WITH SOME CONDITIONS. Please do not repost my art on a platform where I’ve already posted—retweet or reblog instead! This links back to me and is a lifeline for networking and finding clients through word of mouth. Never repost without credit: if I find it, I will report it.

Want to edit and use my art for the base of your OC? Flat out no. Want to use something as an avatar? Ask. Want to use art from a commission? Nope! Tracing and otherwise studying someone’s art is common practice, but these are not meant to be shared online—they aren’t yours, you are borrowing the knowledge of someone else to improve your own skill. Process what you learn and make something new. Be awesome, don’t be not awesome. When in doubt, ASK!

Can I repost your art?

I have a newsletter!! Find it on the bottom of my Home page. I’ll send out occasional news with shop updates, commission openings, and event schedules. Patrons, newsletter followers, and members of the Bean Brigade Discord will hear news before other social media. :-)

When are you open for commissions?