2017 in retrospective

One of my favorite things to do toward the end of the year is art retrospectives. I like putting together a variety of types together, too. Some focus on art improvement over years, but today's is about what type of art I was creating each month.

Throughout the year I've done a lot of commissions, at least, for me.  Honestly, it was hard to find 12 completed personal pieces for 2017 because of how many commissions I've done instead. Last year I think I could say I had done about 4-5 commissions in my lifetime. In 2018 I did about 20 large projects each 8+ hours. The biggest project I did (not technically a commission) took about 30 hours. 

That's a lot! And I got to experiment under the pressure of producing. I even was able to push myself into making comics, even if it did take an immense amount of emotional stress to get me there. I want to do a lot more of these.

vent comic
2017 best nine.jpg
2016 in review

Here's the previous year's art in review. 2016 was nothing but personal art.

It's a little deceiving to look at the year this way; when putting it together I thought, "Wait, 2016 looks so much better than 2017!" But that may be because, unlike in 2017, I seemed to remember to slap on at least some sort of solid background to my finished drafts. 2016 had a lot more droughts--for some of these months, this was the only thing I made. I haven't had a single "drought" month for 2017, despite feeling frustration or art block. I've made more stuff in 2017 than I ever have before.

I probably sound like a broken record lately but thanks for supporting me on my journey this year. Every artist goes through a delightful self-loathing cycle with their art and honestly it just helps that there are people waiting to see what I have to make.

Next year I want to work with more backgrounds, get even looser, make complete illustrations that tell a story. I want to do everything I can to take steps to getting closer to a children's book illustrator full-time. We'll see what happens. Before I go, here are a few illustrations I really liked from 2016 that didn't make the cut for this retrospective. You've already seen (almost) everything from 2017. :)