I am currently closed for branding commissions until next year work on personal projects. Thanks for understanding!

Here is a small portfolio showcasing some of my latest branding commissions and projects. I love drawing in a bright, colorful style that celebrates a brand and makes people happy. I am always expanding my portfolio, so feel free to ask me about projects not shown here and we can get something started for you!

Prices of commissions intended for commercial use are on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind I will not draw any copyrighted characters for commercial projects.

Avatars - $20+
Banners - $60+

bbaguette commish ex--For the Sake of Reading
bbaguette commish ex--khabbiplays1
bbaguette commish ex--themythrilzenith
Snufkin Avatar commish--mountains (circle).png
bbaguette commish ex--beancat
bbaguette commish ex--marianacii banner

Twitch Profile Banners -
$15 per banner

bbaguette commish ex--khabbiplays banners
profile banners.png

Charity Projects

bbaguette commish ex--thezeekster t-shirt
bbaguette commish ex--hotform

All The Info You Need to Know

Commission Types!

  1. avatar & banner commissions have starting prices of $20 and $60, respectively, but are dependent on subject matter and complexity (avatars tend to never be more than $30)

  2. twitch profile commissions are typically $15 per banner window. I prefer to do no more than 5 at a time.

  3. other streaming assets which are not shown here (yet) but I definitely do! Send me an inquiry email for details and we can discuss a price.

Here’s what you should include when sending an email to thebeanbaguette (at) gmail dot com:

  1. your paypal email (if it's not the email you're sending from!) so I can recognize you & send you an invoice

  2. which commission type you’re interested in

  3. a description of what you want drawn (characters, pokemon, animals?) & other design specifications (warm/cool palette, specific flowers or motifs for patterns)

  4. reference pictures of any original characters (if applicable)

And, everybody’s favorite! The fine print...

  • Paypal only!

  • In general, additional characters are +50% (i.e. a full sketch of 2 characters would be $15 + $7.5 = $22 rounded down!)

  • These are casual commissions intended for personal use. You cannot use a commissioned image commercially (i.e. for profit!). Don’t be that guy!

  • Once you’ve contacted me by email and we’ve agreed on the details, I’ll send you an invoice and begin working on your request. I’ll wait for payment before sending the final product to your email.

  • If your commission involves work past the sketching stage, I may send you sketches at different points during the process. Feedback helps me shape the commission into something you really like! 1 revision is included as a courtesy for full line & color drawings.

  • I will not draw nsfw art, gore, or mechs.

  • If there’s a piece I’ve done that you particularly like, please let me know! I can do your commission using a similar process.

  • It is implied that all commissions will eventually be posted publicly, and I often stream the process on Twitch. I never show reference photos of people or mention real names. Let me know if you need something additional kept private.