character portraits-jispo
character portraits--elf

Commission Types

  1. sketches are $15-20 depending on character complexity

    • digital file up to 8.5x11” @ 300dpi

    • simple background

  2. cleaned & colored portraits are $50+ depending on character complexity

    • digital file between 8.5x11” and 11x17” @ 300dpi

    • simple background

    • talk to me about rates for lineless styles


Here’s what you should include when sending an email to

  1. your paypal email so I can recognize you & send you an invoice

  2. which commission type you’re interested in

  3. about 3-5 clear reference photos

  4. some little details about your character so I can create a fun composition that characterizes them!

bbaguette sept 2018 sketch - almonihah (post).png
bbaguette aug 2018 sketch — naytons (post).png
bbaguette aug 2018 sketch — becca (post).png
SnowJP Commish - the 3 musketeersWIP.jpg

character art.png
Include any notes you might have about what you'd like included in the finished piece--what are you looking for in the final piece? Who is your character, what's their personality?
Be sure to send any reference photos to as well! Thanks!