custom Character portraits by thebeanbaguette

[character sketch]

[character sketch]

- commission types -

  • sketches are $15-20 depending on character complexity

  • cleaned + SPOT color portraits are $35+ waist-up

  • cleaned + FULL color portraits are $50+ waist-up

  • avatars/icons are $30 for a headshot of your character(s)

    • digital file around 500x500px

    includes digital file between 8.5x11” & 11x17” @ 300dpi

    additional characters are +50% (no more than 3)

    a physical print is $10 + shipping

    revisions not included in character sketch commissions

[character sketch]

[character sketch]

[2 character avatar]

[2 character avatar]

[2 character avatar]

[2 character avatar]

Rates May Vary considering:

  • background elements

  • character complexity

  • waist-up or full body

  • lineless or more involved rendering

- the process -

  1. When submitting your order please include a few details about your character!

    • Include what you'd like in the finished piece--what feeling are you looking for?

    • What does your character like, what's their personality?

  2. After completing your order, please send several reference photos (and any additional details I should know)

    • Either attachments when you email me @ or a link to an album/Instagram

    • Examples of photos and general guidelines below!

  3. Once I begin work, I'll send you drafts and ask for approval when I complete:

    • The rough sketch -- last chance for feedback on pose & composition

    • The color draft -- last chance for feedback on color and small details

    • If you would rather not spend time on feedback and want to leave the whole thing up to me, please specify this when you complete your order or send me references!

  4. After the portrait is finished, I'll print it on 8.5"x11" matte photo paper and ship it to you if you’ve opted for a physical copy! Expected turnaround is 4 weeks maximum, depending on how quickly I receive feedback :-)


And that's all! Please feel free to send me an email with any questions about portraits or other commission types. Be sure to read the full terms on my Hire page. Let's make a piece that you'll absolutely love!


character art.png
Include any notes you might have about what you'd like included in the finished piece--what are you looking for in the final piece? Who is your character, what's their personality?
Be sure to send any reference photos to as well! Thanks!