A Quick Look
at My Rates

sketches $10+

avatars $20+

pet & character portraits $45+

full illustrations $100+

commercial logos $200+

+50% for additional characters
yes, I can design your character for you!
want something not listed? email me!

The Fine Print

  • Paypal only. You don’t need a Paypal account to pay invoices. Final assets will not be delivered until payment is received.

  • No full refunds—once I’ve received payment, I will only refund for the value of work not yet completed.

  • I retain all ownership rights to images produced for commissions. This means I may post them publicly, alter them, or use them on my site and social media. Final assets are intended for personal use by the client and the client only.

    • If you’d like to have ownership or a commercial license along with your commission, let me know!

    • This doesn’t mean I own your original character, don’t worry—it just means I own the artwork because I made it, and you can’t sell it or have it printed on stuff then sell it.

    • This does mean that you may not commission me for a project then ask another artist to alter, “finish,” or otherwise use my design without my consent. If I find that you have done this, I won’t work for you again!

  • It is implied that all commissions will eventually be posted publicly, and in some cases streamed on Twitch. I never show reference photos of people or mention real names. Let me know if you need something additional kept private.

  • Revisions and multiple drafts will be provided for commissions $40 and up only. Any work beyond 1-2 small revisions will be charged an hourly rate.

    • Communicate! If at any point I ask for feedback and you decide to wait a week, that means I stop working on it for a week. Let me know if you are not interested or do not have time for giving feedback, it’s totally fine if so! It’s all about making a project you’ll love—the clearer I understand what you want and how you want it to work, the better commission I can make.

  • No copyrighted characters, logos, or content for commercial projects. I can draw fanart for personal use commissions only.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any job, subject, etc.!

    • Keep in mind what’s in my portfolio to get an idea of what I draw! I will not do any content that is NSFW, has gore, or is otherwise distasteful, and subjects like vehicles, cars, landscapes will be significantly more challenging (and come out a lot less pretty) to produce.

(some of these pages are still under construction—thanks for your understanding!)