- Illustrations -

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- overview -

Illustration prices can vary wildly depending on complexity, subject matter, and revisions involved.

As a baseline expect no illustration to be priced under $150. These pieces take a minimum of 12 hours to complete and involve a lot of love & care!

I ask at least 3 months from the time I start actively working on your painting. This allows me space to plan and prepare your illustration so it can be the best it can be. Payment is either upfront or in pieces, but will always have an initial deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable and I will only refund for work I haven’t yet completed if you wish to cancel during the project. Thanks for understanding!

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Here’s what you should include when sending an email to thebeanbaguette@gmail.com:

  1. your paypal email so I can recognize you & send you a deposit invoice

  2. what kind of illustration you are looking for

  3. a moodboard using google photos or pinterest

  4. some little details about what you want out of the final piece so I can really make it shine!

Monster Tea Party (1200).png

bbaguette feb2018 coloring page -- mushroom hunters.png
Include any notes you might have about what you'd like included--what are you looking for in the final piece?
Be sure to send any additional reference photos to thebeanbaguette@gmail.com as well! Thanks!